About me



I was just 12 years old when I had my first foray into the business world. I began creating huge flowers made from brightly colored tissue paper. With some accolades and encouragement from my neighbor, I took my flowers door-to-door and began to take orders. My notebook soon became filled with custom orders! With some seed money I went out and bought all of my supplies, crafted my flowers and delivered my orders. With a slew of dollar bills I declared a huge profit until my dad bought me a ledger book and introduced me to accounting. An entrepreneur was born.

With my daughter Jessica on her wedding day. 

With my daughter Jessica on her wedding day. 


The road to creativity has many avenues

I received my degree in Fine Arts from The George Washington University. Throughout college, and beyond, I had a freelance calligraphy business designing wedding invitations, addressing envelopes, and producing diplomas as well as retirement certificates.

I later had a shop in Harbor Place called Arts & Letters where I sold calligraphy supplies, books, unusual pens and the work of about a dozen calligraphers including myself.

Soon after opening my shop I also began designing a children’s clothing line. Bright, repetitive graphic designs were hand screened onto t-shirts, shorts and little tank style dresses. My daughter Jessica was a perfect model for my clothing line Sweetshirts.

The fickle world of fashion was not very rewarding.


Victoria Selman Photography


The lure of the studio is always present.

I love to paint, anything...everything. I began with furniture for my children and moved to faux finishing the walls of my house. If there was a blank surface available, I would paint it. My brushes found their way to the two dimensional surface and a line of hand painted tiles, floorcloths and placemats eventually emerged. East Lake Designs would take me up and down the coast to the best of the high-end craft shows where I sold my designs. Back home, my studio thrived with custom orders from all over the country.

Hard work. But I was in heaven.

After 10 years I took a hiatus and rehabbed an old row house in Baltimore.


Victoria Selman Photography


Always an artist, just a new medium.

Gardening is a hobby of mine. Not vegetables, but some herbs and lots of flowers.

With over 100 hydrangea plants and a large cutting garden, I am never at a loss for how to fill my vases. There is not a room in my house that is spared some sort of an arrangement and so it was in the summer of 2010 that a bride-to-be saw the flowers in my home and asked me to create an entire look for her wedding. Using my extensive design experience, I styled her flowers and table decor and soon realized that I had found my new passion.

I enjoy working with brides. I love working with flowers.